Listening to podcasts is an entertaining way of learning new tactics that you can apply to your multifamily investment strategy. Let the hosts of theses podcasts accompany you as you travel to your next real estate deal or search for new ones.


5 Multifamily Real Estate Podcasts for Investors to Help Build Success

Oct 30, 2018

Multifamily real estate investing podcasts are growing in popularity. Although there aren’t many podcasts specifically geared toward multifamily property investors, many of those that do exist are informative and relevant, providing helpful insights and new perspectives on multifamily real estate strategies and tactics. Whether you’re a first-time multifamily property investor or you’ve got years of experience investing in the real estate market, the following five podcasts can be useful resources. 

The Apartment Building Investing Podcast

Hosted by Michael Blank

Michael Blank’s style, wide array of topics, and his ever-changing lineup of knowledgeable interviewees make this weekly podcast informative and very easy to listen to. In one recent episode, Blank discusses property management during the key phases of the multifamily investing process. In another, he offers guidance on how to build a portfolio by investing in apartments with a partner. Blank also often shares information on financing multifamily real estate deals, valuing multifamily real estate, enlisting the help of an SEC attorney to ensure protection and compliance, and more. No matter what stage of multifamily investing you’re in, consider including this podcast in your listening rotation.

Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Hosted by Corey Peterson

Self-made millionaire and author Corey Peterson is a focused yet down to earth host with a passion for multifamily property investing. A born interviewer, he has a way of making his guests feel relaxed and willing to open up about their personal real estate ups and downs. In a recent podcast, he interviewed multifamily property investor Tom Cafarella, who shared his journey as a real estate investor. Tom’s story is like that of many investors. He’d had an itch to experiment with real estate investing but it took some unforeseen events to finally propel him forward—and he hasn’t looked back. Peterson’s podcast may be instructive for investors wanting to learn more about making multifamily property deals, efficient cash-flow strategies, and effective property operations management.

Multifamily 5

Hosted by Mark Allen

Multifamily 5 is a multifamily real estate podcast hosted by Mark Allen, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based multifamily property broker. Allen interviews investors, property managers, lenders, and other professionals to help multifamily owners understand how each professional is achieving success in current market conditions. A more grass-roots based podcast with a feel that harkens back to AM talk radio, Multifamily 5 includes a level of nostalgia. The podcast episodes are easily digestible and Allen does a great job moving the conversation along and keeping it information rich. Most episodes are 20-minutes or less and, of course, Dallas multifamily real estate is a large focus.

Wheelbarrow Profits

Hosted by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro

What began as a conversation between two friends, Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro, is now a go-to real estate investment podcast with a large focus on multifamily investing. The popularity of Wheelbarrow Profits is due in large part to the hosts’ chemistry. They have fun while offering listeners valuable investing insights and strategies. They are also self-taught. Stenziano, once a pharmaceutical representative, and Barbaro, a restaurateur, found that investing in multifamily real estate helped them achieve their financial goals quickly. While they attribute timing, coincidence, and luck to bringing them together and to their early achievements, their goal is to provide their listeners with solid advice and instruction to go along with any investor serendipity. Whether you invest on your own or choose to invest in multifamily real estate with a partner, this is a podcast that you can benefit from on your path to success.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Hosted by Robert Helms and Russell Gray

If you’re looking for longevity in a real estate investment podcast, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show has certainly got it. Beginning as a traditional radio show in 1997, it is now one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on the Internet. The show, hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, does not solely focus on multifamily real estate, but it does cover the topic in one form or another in nearly every episode. Regular features, such as “Ask the Guys” and “Profitable Niches,” keep listeners coming back for more. In recent podcasts, the experts discuss how to locate markets that make the most sense for investors and ways to find, negotiate, and fund better deals. Their eagerness in sharing their past experiences and extensive investment knowledge make this podcast a must for real estate investors of all types.

In addition to these podcasts, give a listen to Strategic Investment Radio host Charlie Wright’s conversation with Gary Carmell, President of CWS Capital Partners, in a podcast episode called “Seizing Tectonic Shifts in Real Estate.” The two discuss Gary’s book, The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth, which details major events in the real estate market and teaches investors how to see things differently—and to their advantage.

Listening to podcasts is an entertaining way of learning new insights and tactics that you can apply to your multifamily investment strategy. Let the hosts of these podcasts accompany you as you travel to your next real estate deal or search for new ones.

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