1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Opportunities

1031 Exchange

Taxable gains are a concern to every investor. At CWS, we believe that a 1031 exchange can enhance the powerful benefit of real estate investing by allowing the tax deferral of capital gains and carrying forward a larger investment base into a newly acquired replacement asset.


Reasons to Exchange into a CWS Capital Partners Property

  • Reduce management responsibility
  • Reset depreciation clock
  • Improve investment performance
  • Consolidation into one property from several properties
  • Divide an estate from one property to several properties for heirs or diversification

Most sophisticated real estate investors know there is an alternative to paying large capital gains taxes when selling an investment property. This alternative, known as a 1031 exchange, is incorporated into our investment strategy on a regular basis. Through a 1031 exchange, we are able to defer an investor’s taxable gain and reposition that equity into another property we feel will outperform the previous property. One of the main advantages of a 1031 exchange allow for all of your capital gains to be deferred while carrying forward the amount you would have paid in taxes, which can provide more purchasing power to invest into a new investment property or properties. 

Time is of the essence with regard to how long after a property is sold before an exchange needs to occur. Ultimately, you have 45 days in which to identify up to three properties to exchange and 180 days in which to complete the transaction. 


With over $1 billion in 1031 exchange transactions under our belt and a $5+ billion portfolio of high-quality apartment communities, we can assist you in a timely manner to provide a replacement asset for your exchange proceeds.

Please read our "What is a 1031 Exchange?" page for an in-depth explanation of 1031 exchanges. You may also read our white paper for an easy to follow example of a 1031 exchange transaction.

CWS can manage your 1031 exchange needs from beginning to end. When you're ready, we're ready!

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