Our Track Record

Below is a list indicating our track record for realized deals. If you would like to download CWS’ Track Record in a Portable Document Format (PDF), you may click here .

➤ CWS Capital Partners - Realized Deals :

Property Location Date Acquired Sale Date Investor Return Net of Fees Multiple Net of Fees
Ashbury Parke Austin, TX Jul-93 Jun-96 22.36% 1.71
Marquis at Ladera Vista 1 Austin, TX Nov-94 Nov-96 13.54% 1.27
Barton's Lodge 2 Austin, TX Dec-90 Mar-98 20.10% 2.78
Plaza Villa Montclair, NC Feb-95 Aug-98 21.91% 1.92
Marquis of Carmel Valley1 Charlotte, NC Jan-97 May-99 28.78% 1.66
Marquis Apartments Austin, TX Nov-92 Jun-00 18.23% 2.3
Argonne Forest Austin, TX Dec-91 Aug-00 19.65% 2.85
Edge Creek Austin, TX Aug-93 Dec-00 22.88% 2.83
O'Connor Ridge Dallas, TX Nov-95 Feb-02 10.12% 1.7
Waterbury Place Arlington, TX Jun-90 Mar-02 8.97% 2.17
Laguna Terrace Dallas, TX Jul-96 Apr-03 9.58% 1.57
Montclair Parc Charlotte, NC Jul-97 Oct-04 5.27% 1.37
Northcreek Apartments Durham, NC Jul-97 Oct-04 9.50% 1.67
The Marquis at Castle Hills San Antonio, TX Jun-03 Mar-06 19.85% 1.59
The Marquis at Walker's Bluff Austin, TX Oct-98 Apr-06 8.15% 1.63
Shoal Creek Bedford, TX Nov-97 Jun-06 9.31% 1.86
Huntington Cove Farmers Branch, TX Dec-89 Aug-06 7.57% 2.57
The Marquis at Frankford Springs Dallas, TX Sep-04 Sep-06 9.70% 1.17
Papillon Parc Fort Worth, TX Mar-89 Mar-07 11.33% 3.61
The Marquis at Quarry San Antonio, TX Jan-04 Mar-07 29.20% 2.18
The Marquis at Iron Rock Ranch Austin, TX Dec-04 Apr-07 37.55% 2.1
Talavera 3 San Antonio, TX Apr-98 Jun-07 3.92% 1.34
The Marquis at DTC Denver, CO Sep-99 Jul-07 9.28% 1.84
Town Lake of Coppell Coppell, TX Mar-04 Sep-07 25.05% 2.1
The Marquis at Crossroads Raleigh, NC Dec-00 Sep-08 7.35% 1.59
The Marquis at Lantana 4 Flower Mound, TX Jul-06 Dec-08 3.51% 1.09
The Marquis on Mckinney Dallas, TX Apr-02 Jun-11 9.63% 2.16
Park at Fox Trails Plano, TX Oct-06 Dec-11 7.70% 1.3
The Marquis at Barton Creek Farmers Branch, TX Jul-00 Jun-12 7.44% 2.28
Block Phase I Austin, TX Mar-06 Dec-12 13.37% 2.4
Block Phase II Austin, TX Oct-06 Dec-12 12.14% 1.99
Marquis at West Village Dallas, TX Jun-04 Jul-13 22.41% 3.03
Marquis at Park Central Dallas, TX Feb-05 Aug-13 12.22% 2.43
Windsor at Barton Creek 4 Austin, TX Apr-05 Sep-13 13.97% 2.57
The Marquis at Gaston 4 Dallas, TX May-05 Sep-13 11.70% 2.34
The Marquis at Silver Oaks 4 Grapevine, TX Sep-05 Sep-13 15.01% 2.79
The Marquis at Silverton 4 Cary, NC Dec-05 Sep-13 11.15% 2.12
Marquis at the Parkway Denver, CO Dec-05 Sep-13 6.23% 1.46
The Park at Spring Creek Dallas, TX Mar-06 Sep-13 7.52% 1.68
The Marquis at Bellaire Houston, TX May-06 Sep-13 11.47% 2.12
The Marquis at Stonebriar 4 Dallas, TX Jul-06 Sep-13 8.03% 1.72
The Marquis at Riverchase Dallas, TX Dec-05 Sep-13 7.53% 1.66
The Marquis at Edwards Mill 4 Raleigh, NC Jul-06 Sep-13 9.59% 1.87
The Marquis on Cary Parkway 4 Raleigh, NC Oct-06 Sep-13 14.22% 2.36
The Marquis at Northcross Charlotte, NC Dec-06 Sep-13 5.69% 1.44
The Marquis on Eldridge Houston, TX Mar-07 Sep-13 15.49% 2.48
The Marquis at Westchase 4 Houston, TX May-07 Sep-13 11.31% 1.95
The Marquis at Pin Oak Park 4 Houston, TX May-07 Sep-13 12.03% 2.03
The Marquis on Westheimer 4 Houston, TX Jul-07 Sep-13 14.98% 2.28
The Marquis at Great Hills 4 Austin, TX Sep-07 Sep-13 5.17% 1.35
The Marquis on Memorial 4 Houston, TX Nov-07 Sep-13 14.76% 2.13
Marquis Round Rock Apartments Round Rock, TX Oct-11 Mar-14 17.70% 1.45
The Marquis at Willow Lake Fort Worth, TX Aug-02 Aug-14 15.85% 3.39
Marquis at Canyon Ridge 4 Austin, TX Nov-11 Sep-14 13.87% 1.41
Marquis at Rogers Ranch San Antonio, TX Jul-99 Sep-14 10.24% 3.6
Broadstone Park West Houston, TX Dec-12 Jan-15 29.96% 1.73
The Park at Walker's Ranch San Antonio, TX Oct-07 Apr-15 7.77% 1.88
The Marquis at Preston Cary, NC Dec-00 Apr-15 10.30% 3.87
Marquis at 5655 San Antonio, TX Oct-12 Aug-15 17.12% 1.5
The Marquis at Stone Oak San Antonio, TX Sep-12 Aug-15 26.11% 1.7
The Marquis at Center Ridge Austin, TX Apr-12 Sep-15 21.95% 1.78
The Marquis at Tech Ridge Austin, TX Apr-12 Sep-15 24.96% 1.9
Marquis 2200 Atlanta, GA Oct-13 Nov-15 23.54% 1.52
L2 at Uptown Dallas, TX Dec-11 Dec-15 22.26% 2.21
Marquis of North Druid Hills Atlanta, GA Feb-13 May-16 21.15% 1.76
Marquis Shoreline Austin, TX May-12 Jun-16 32.63% 2.46
The Marquis at Cedar Springs Dallas, TX Sep-06 Aug-16 8.12% 2.07
The Marquis at Volente Austin, TX Mar-11 Sep-16 24.83% 3.12
Regents on University Tempe, AZ Jul-14 Feb-17 28.22% 1.81
Windsor at Barton Creek Austin, TX Sep-13 Apr-17 15.17% 1.63
M789 Sandy Springs, GA Nov-14 May-17 7.03% 1.17
Marquis West End Dallas, TX Mar-12 Jul-17 13.95% 1.77
The Park at Spring Creek Plano, TX Sep-13 Dec-17 41.02% 2.62
Marquis at Berkeley Atlanta, GA Aug-13 Sep-18 24.00% 2.88
Marquis Lofts at Hermann Park Houston, TX Dec-12 Sep-18 16.78% 1.83
Marq at RiNo Denver, CO Jun-15 Oct-18 21.06% 1.77
Northwest Hills Apartments Austin, TX Sep-05 Nov-18 16.84% 4.88
Marquis on Briar Forest Houston, TX Dec-07 Jul-19 10.45% 2.76
Firestone West 7th Fort Worth, TX Oct-12 Jul-19 11.13% 1.84
The Marquis at Turtle Creek Dallas, TX Dec-02 Apr-20 10.00% 3.84
The Marquis at Briarcliff Atlanta, GA Jun-06 May-20 7.57% 2.68
The Marq at Weston Morrisville, NC Aug-16 Jul-20 4.00% 1.14
Marquis at the Parkway 4 Denver, CO Sep-13 Sep-20 23.18% 3.32
Marquis at Star Ranch Hutto, TX Nov-16 Feb-21 18.54% 1.96
SoNA Austin, TX Sep-13 Jul-21 19.09% 2.64
Marquis Downtown Lofts Houston, TX Dec-10 Jul-21 15.58% 3.15
Marq at Voss Houston, TX Dec-12 Aug-21 12.74% 1.95
2626 Fountain View Houston, TX Jul-13 Nov-21 8.38% 1.78
Marquis at Stone Oak San Antonio, TX Jun-17 Nov-21 20.37% 2.26
Marquis at Cinco Ranch Katy, TX Jul-14 Dec-21 19.01% 2.92
Marquis at Arrowhead Peoria, AZ Jun-16 Apr-22 39.25% 5.87
Marquis at Tanglewood Houston, TX Oct-14 Apr-22 8.31% 1.77
Marquis at Clear Lake Webster, TX Nov-12 Jun-22 32.52% 4.87
Marq Midtown 205 Charlotte, NC Nov-16 Jul-22 12.03% 1.84
Ashford Belmar Denver, CO Nov-18 Oct-22 25.47% 2.38
The Links at Plum Creek Castle Rock, CO Mar-18 Oct-22 22.30% 2.42
Marquis Lofts on Sabine Houston, TX Mar-13 Nov-22 10.71% 2.13
Portfolio Weighted Average 5 15.99% 2.17
Portfolio Simple Average 5 15.63% 2.20

➤ Track Record – References :

  • These investments were recapitalized after the development was complete. These returns represent the IRR's produced for investors exiting after the development phase.
  • A portion of the investment was set aside for investors completing a 1031 exchange. Because their capital was invested later their IRR is higher than the initial investors.
  • This property investment IRR was calculated with the inclusion of lender group investments and returns. These two lender groups produced IRRs of 18.97% and 8.04%, respectively.
  • Initial investors recapitalized.
  • Weighted average return and multiple are based on the aggregate of each individual property return as a percentage of the total sold portfolio equity. Simple average return and multiple are based on the straight average of each individual property return as a percentage of the total number of sold properties in the portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE that past outcomes of these particular investments involving performance and/or returns are not indicative of future results; nor do they constitute an offer to sell or recommend any specific investment opportunity, securities offering or investment strategy.

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