Houston Heroes

CWS celebrates the Houston Heroes to recognize them for their hard work, dedication, and passion that they exhibited in helping those in need and for their efforts in rebuilding those communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

In 2017, our country experienced a number of devastating natural disasters that affected many people in this country. One that especially hit home was Hurricane Harvey that engulfed the city of Houston. While many people have suffered, lost their homes, and some even lost their lives, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the amazing effort, perseverance, and commitment that many of our own employees exemplified before, during, and after Harvey ravaged through the region. These CWS employees in Houston remained at their respective communities in order to help evacuate residents, keep them safe, and provide a sense of calm, while many had their own concerns about their families, homes, and personal belongings. In the spirit of teamwork, many of our employees from neighboring regions temporarily left their own communities to join the aid effort alongside our Houston team by helping to protect the properties from heavy flooding by trenching, transporting and placing sand bags in vulnerable areas, and preparing for utility outages, among other things.

The effort still continues today as the flood waters have since receded and a great deal of focus is spent on repairing and rebuilding the damaged units in order to get them back online. CWS has 152 employees in the Houston region and many of them were personally affected by the hurricane with many being displaced from their homes and losing many of their personal belongings.

On October 17, 2017, in the heart of downtown Houston, CWS celebrated these Houston Heroes at a special luncheon to recognize them for their hard-work, dedication, and passion that they exhibited in helping those who were in need and for their efforts in rebuilding the communities that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Click Here to view a brief video of our Houston Heroes Appreciation Luncheon.