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After showing the most robust rent growth in the country in 2017, Sacramento ended 2018 ranked seventh among major metros, up 4.5 percent, compared to a national average rise of 3.2 percent. Rent growth slowed down last year, except in the lifestyle segment, which turned around in June and rose through October. At that time, there were 3,455 units under construction and 17,806 in the pipeline. Of those, 90 percent were in the lifestyle segment.
One of the fundamental divisions among investment funds is whether they are open-end or closed-end. Open-end and closed-end funds differ in how the shares are issued, which, in turn, affects their activities. A private equity real estate investment fund is a closed-end fund. A limited number of investors buy shares in the fund and hold them for a set amount of time while they produce income and appreciation. Then the fund is liquidated and investors are paid for their shares.