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  • Going with the Flow

    At CWS we subscribe to apartment market reports produced by Witten Advisors. Ron Witten, the principal of the firm, has spoken at our Annual Investor Meeting twice and he does a good job of drilling down into some granular aspects of the multifamily industry relevant to apartment investors. Read More

  • 50 Years and Still Going Strong

    Apr 26, 2019

    The following is an excerpt of my presentation at CWS’ annual investor meeting. 2019 is CWS’ 50th year. This is quite an accomplishment and worthy of celebration. To put this achievement in context, I did some research in terms of the lifespan of typical businesses in the United States. As the following charts and tables show, there's an approximately 50% chance that if one were to start a business today that it would still be around in five years and after 25 years... Read More

  • Positioned Well for a Slowdown

    Jan 25, 2019

    Warren Buffett has dramatically outperformed the market and his peers over his 50+ year investment career. This has been the case more so because of his performance during down markets rather than his performance during up markets. While others are heavily invested at the top and reeling from big losses and playing defense, he has had capital available when others did not and as a result, has been able to make great value investments. Read More

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